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Student Study Strategies

In  this asynchronous lesson, you will explore the following essential questions:

  • What are the most effective study strategies that students can and should use?

  • How can we as teachers intentionally incorporate the most effective study strategies into our lessons and classes?

  • How can we encourage students to use more effective study strategies?

Upon successful completion of this module, you will be able to:

  • identify high and low utility learning strategies that students can use when studying

  • incorporate pedagogies that utilize effective study strategies into your classroom 


Getting started (10 minutes)

  1. Complete the following retrieval practice quiz covering the Learning and the Brain session from Saturday.

  2. Complete the following survey of the study strategies that you used in high school and college.



Categorization of Study Strategies (20 minutes)

  1. Open this document that lists the most commonly used student study strategies. Sort the study strategies as being either "HIGH" , "MODERATE", or "LOW"  in their utility using the criteria described on the document.

  2. Once you have assigned each of the study strategies to one of the three utility levels, post your list on the Study Strategies Discussion Board. Include a brief rationale for one item that is in the "HIGH" category and one that is in the "LOW" category.

  3. Post a response to at least one of the lists from another NENTS participant on the discussion board, extending the conversation. "Have you considered.....?" or "I wonder about..." are good ways to start a response post.


Video mini lesson on Retrieval Practice, Distributed Practice, and Interleaving (20 minutes)

  1. Watch the following mini lesson on HIGH utility study strategies.

Direct Link to YouTube

Reflective Writing (10 minutes)

Write out your response to one of the following prompts. The responses to these prompts will be the basis of discussion in cohort meetings or with your Instructional Coach.

  1. What most surprised you about the various study strategies? What was the most interesting thing you learned about the various study strategies?

  2. Why do you think that students are less likely to use the most effective study strategies? How can we help students to use more effective strategies?

  3. How specifically do you imagine that you can incorporate the more effective strategies into your lessons if you are teaching online?

Additional Resources 

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