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Sample NENTS Videos

Watch the videos below. As you watch, consider the following questions:

  • What is the teacher trying to accomplish?  What understandings/skills is he/she trying to develop?

  • How does this lesson work for you as a learner?  What does the teacher do that works particularly well for you?  What changes would make the lesson more effective for you?

  • For what age group would this lesson be appropriate?

  • What else do you notice?  Consider how the room is set up, how he/she relates to the students in the class, how she/he involves students in the class, how the teacher moves around the room.  Listen to the voice, tone, inflections.  Observe eye contact and timing.

  • How is each lesson different from the others? What choices do we have in how we engage students, present ideas and develop understanding and skill?

Art Lesson

Art Lesson

Chinese Lesson

Middle School English Lesson

Language Arts Lesson

Religion Lesson

Science Lesson

Science Lesson

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