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Many teachers from around the country have had a hand in creating the content of this website. We have tried to synthesize results of research and years of experience with the goal of providing information young teachers need in a short, easy-to-read format. We hope you will find it helpful. In creating it, our hope was to build a space for teachers to share their wisdom about classroom work for the benefit of all, and particularly for teachers in the early years of their teaching career.


We have tried to organize it in such a way that it is searchable and helpful. We have also created a forum (see below) where people can share observations and ask questions. Our hope is that this will be a collegial space, a place where your ideas and observations belong. In my more than thirty years of teaching, I have found that I have learned from every young teacher's class I have visited and that some of my best friendships have grown out of those observations. While those of us who have done this work for years have much to share, those of you who are newer to this profession have much to teach us as well.


Here’s to years of sharing and learning from one another - for the benefit of our students.




Pam, Ellen, Bill, Luthern, Sally, Scott, and Steve

"I touch the future. I teach"

-- Christa McAuliffe


Caitlin Barker is a Latin and Ancient History teacher at The Rectory School.  (World Languages Resources)

Kelsey Berry is the Director of Teaching and Learning and a history teacher at Holderness School.  (History Resources)

Ellen Browne is a math teacher at Pomfret School, instructional coach at the New England New Teachers Seminars and TI national instructor. (Math Resources, Assessment, Learning and the Brain, Lesson Planning)

Steve Davis is the founder and CEO of The Institute for Human Relations and the former Director of Diversity and Community Relations at Pomfret School.  He is an experienced educator and presenter, conducting workshops at the national level at both the NAIS and TABS annual conferences. (Diversity and Inclusivity Resources)

Edwards_Ms. Joan M. (1).jpg

Joan Edwards is the Director of Equity at Kingswood Oxford School (KO) in West Hartford, Connecticut. Joan began her professional career as a French teacher, then moved into administrative roles in admissions, student life and equity. Over the course of her 33 year career, she has gained a deep appreciation for mentoring young people on their journey to becoming self-aware change agents and for coaching educators to connect with their authentic purpose.

Kelly Harris is Lead Learning Advocate at Winchendon School. A certified special education teacher and reading specialist, Kelly has dedicated her career to helping students find success in the classroom. (Working with Learning Different Students)

Bill Ivey is Middle School Dean at Stoneleigh-Burnham School, teaches humanities and rock band, and serves as a staff member at the New England New Teachers Conference 2.0. He writes frequently, often on social justice issues, for his school's blog, A View from the Nest. His Twitter feed, @bivey, is another great resource. (Diversity and Inclusivity Resources)

Scott MacClintic is a science teacher and the Director of Innovation at Loomis Chaffee. His blog, Pelican Ponderings, is a good tool for keeping abreast of developments in the field of education.  His Twitter feed, @smacclintic, is also good to follow. (Assessment, Learning and the Brain, Lesson Planning, Tech Tools)

Pam Mulcahy is a math teacher at Holderness School, a lecturer at Mount Holyoke College's Graduate School of Education and the Director of CAIS/AISNE's New England New Teachers Seminars 1.0 and 2.0.
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Max Paro works in the Communications Office at Holderness School and studies communications at the University of New Hampshire. He does graphic design and helps manage the technology for the NENTS conferences.

James Sorrels teaches Spanish at Westover School, leads professional development workshops for world languages teachers, and serves at the world languages master teacher for both NENTS 1.0 and 2.0 each summer. (World Languages)

Jini Rae Sparkman is an English teacher and the Director of Equity and Inclusion at Holderness School. (English Resources)

Luthern Williams is the Head of School at New Roads School in Santa Monica, CA and an experienced English teacher. (English Resources, Diversity and Inclusivity Resources, Lesson Planning Resources)

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